Community is where all things begin

I am Jennifer Andrashko. I am running because I know that community is where all things begin. As a mom, a seasoned social worker, a Humphrey Policy Fellowship alumna, and involved citizen, I care deeply about working together to create a healthier, safer, and more inclusive community.

Local needs and local solutions

From the roads and bridges we drive on to investment in public safety and mental health programs, county board decisions are local and affect each of us every day. As a social worker in a non-profit serving the uninsured in nearly 30 counties in southern Minnesota, I came to understand the power of a county board firsthand – one client story at a time. For more than 20 years, I have worked to advocate for equitable, person-first systems and am committed to continuing this work here in our local community.

Service - Integrity - Social Justice

As an advocate for creating greater access to mental health care, I have testified in legislative hearings in Saint Paul and in Washington D.C. Most recently, I testified to improve access to mental health care for our farmers and veterans in rural communities in MN. My personal and professional values of service, integrity, social justice, and the importance of human relationships will inform every decision I make.


As a social work educator, I have worked hard to engage students in considering innovative responses to social challenges we face in our own communities. This skill will prove critical in solving local challenges whether tackling questions about roads, bridges, environment, equity, disability services, mental health care, or issues related to affordable housing.

I am invested in talking to, learning from, and advocating for the residents of Nicollet County. A vote in a board meeting is more than an agenda item. Every vote a county board makes has the power to impact real people’s lives. It would be an honor to serve the people of Nicollet County.